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Grab a quality which you expect, buying our range of
Ingots & Minerals....


About Company


Socodec Metals was founded in the year 2018, which has aspirations and goals of becoming the industry's first choice for procuring Ingots, Minerals. The company is well established in Mumbai (Maharashtra, India) and possess a sophisticated manufacturing unit as well as warehouse to handle processes conveniently. The organization is focused on production, trading and supplying of a qualitative range of products all across the world. With this high quality product range, our company is expanding its business at fast rate in order to accomplish all its goals in future.

Quality That Matters

All we seek for in this competitive field of production is providing a quality that actually matters and creates a difference. No item served by us is defected or non quality assured. Our team of production & quality inspection work collaboratively in order to filter the best products to serve for t
he customers. Each item delivered by us such as Tin Ingots and others is tested on the basis of its respective quality attributes. By following the single motto, which is to serve the quality that matters, each individual at our workplace is becoming more quality focused. Moreover, we ensure the suitable packaging of each item so that, its life expectancy can be improved and delivery can be way more safer.  

Goals To Success

Our company has become a part of the industry in recent years only, and it seeks for achieving all worthy success & respect in the domain. Our goals to success are:

  • To uplift organizational productivity & quality

  • To build a strong foundation, which is well prepared for any urgent demands

  • To develop a wide network of customers as well as vendors

  • To establish strategic plans for generating more revenue



Tin Ingot


Lead Ingot


Zinc Ingot


Copper Ingot


Aluminum Ingot


Nickel Ingot

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